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Low Cost & High Quailty Air Duct Cleaning In Irving

If you are looking for air duct cleaning in Irving that works without breaking the bank, you need The Duct Experts.


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Duct Cleaning in Irving

Do you know what’s in your air?

Numerous microbes and other particles can potentially irritate the lungs if inhaled regularly. If you have a mold problem, you’re breathing in those spores all day. Dust and pollen could be causing allergy symptoms. And if you have pests living in your air ducts, you’re probably swimming in bacteria.

If you want to remove these contaminants, you should get an air duct cleaning done by professionals. After eliminating whatever was causing these problems in the first place, you can have your ducts thoroughly cleaned out to breathe easy again.

Improve Air Quality

Your air quality needs to be good. If you don’t pay attention to the air you breathe, you’ll get swarmed with microbes. Our Irving duct cleaning services might be able to help with that. Don’t let these particles continue to pollute your air.

After an air duct cleaning, your ducts will no longer be able to distribute mold spores and debris throughout your home. The exact effects of dirty air ducts are unknown, so you should be careful if you notice a buildup of dust, mold, or vermin in your air ducts. If you suspect that your air ducts are causing your air quality to diminish, give us a call.

Highly Trained Staff

Air duct cleaning is a complicated process. Fortunately, our Irving duct cleaning technicians understand the process thoroughly.

The technician must set everything up and remove the grill. Then they will seal the register, remove the air blower, and activate their negative air machine to create negative pressure. Once that gets going, they vacuum heavier particulates and angel brush the vent, fog in microbial inhibitors, and vacuum.

They then apply some sealant. Next is the washing stage. The technicians wash the grill, pump down refrigerant in the air handler before removing the coil, dismantle the air blower, and then wash all of these parts before cleaning the air handler. After that, the technician must return everything to normal before leaving. It’s a very technical process that only a professional understands.

Professional Equipment

If you need air duct cleaning in Irving, you need all the proper machines to get the job done. Negative air machines must maintain negative air pressure inside the ducts, and the right vacuums must get all the particulates out. The proper chemicals need to wash the air handler and air blower.

Our Irving duct cleaning technicians have the right equipment and the experience to use said equipment. An amateur wouldn’t understand how to use all of these machines even if they had access to them. Anyone in charge of air duct cleaning should have the duct cleaning know-how to get everything done properly.

Energy Cost Savings

When your air ducts get cleaned, cooling systems such as the air handler and air blower get cleaned too. Research suggests that this results in a more efficient cooling system, giving you lower energy bills.

We all know how hot Irving can get in the summer months. You know you can’t go by without some indoor cooling, but you don’t want to get hit with massive bills afterward. So you figure out a compromise and stay sweltering in the heat.

If you get a cleaning done, you can enjoy cool air in the middle of the summer while knowing that you’ll have lower bills at the end of the month. You’re paying more than you need to right now in energy bills, so what are you waiting for?

Affordable Rates

Air duct cleaning can get very pricey very fast. This price is necessary – duct cleaning is a process involving expensive machinery operated by skilled people. It’s an intense procedure you couldn’t possibly do yourself, so hiring someone to do it for you can be costly.

We understand that you don’t want to blow all your savings on an air duct cleaning. Sometimes you get a mold, dust, or vermin problem out of your control, and it’s disheartening to lose a large amount of money on something that isn’t your fault.

Give us a call today and ask about our rates. We’ll tell you about our pricing, and you can compare it to your next choice for duct cleaning in Irving. Don’t waste money on an overpriced Irving duct cleaning service.

Eliminate Allergens

Air ducts can get full of pollen, mold spores, and other microbes that are known to cause allergic reactions. If you or someone in your household is experiencing strange allergy symptoms, you may need to check your air ducts. If you discover any allergens inside, you’ll want to clean them out to prevent symptoms.

Remember that if the air you breathe has contaminants, there’s a solution. Your allergies don’t need to be a constant problem to stress about while indoors and outdoors. If your air ducts are triggering your allergies, get a duct cleaning in Irving today and, quite literally, breathe easier.


Easy cleaning solutions for your home

Dryer vent cleaning

Without dryer vent cleaning from a professional service, you can see higher energy bills, slower drying times for laundry, and increased risks of home fires.

Air duct cleaning

Air ducts can get full of all kinds of nasty particles that can then become part of your air. Call our Irving air duct cleaning professionals now to clean it all up.


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Common questions and answers

Why is my house so dusty?

Dust comes from dirt that you track in, alongside pollen, pet dander, skin flakes, and other particles. It’s impossible to prevent altogether.

What kind of grime do air ducts collect?

Air ducts collect anything in your dusty air, including pollen and mold spores. Often, pests such as insects and rodents can live inside air ducts, further dirtying them up.

How long does it take to clean air ducts?

An air duct cleaning takes about two to three hours. The time can vary significantly depending on your circumstances and the building size.

Can you get dryer vent cleaning done as well as air duct cleaning?

Our Irving duct cleaning technicians perform both dryer vent and air duct cleaning. You can always hire both services if you need to!

What are the signs of a clogged air duct?

Air ducts are supposed to be full of dust, so when they get clogged it can be a bit unclear. If you notice an unusual amount of dust or if you or another household member is experiencing allergy symptoms, you might want your air ducts looked over.

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