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How To Prevent Air Duct Contamination

Posted on December 16, 2022

Your Irving home’s air ducts suck in whatever is in your general atmosphere at any time. This means they can get clogged with dirt and moisture if you don’t take proper care of them. Both of these things can potentially turn into problems.

Here’s how you can stop your home from getting contaminated by your filthy air ducts by preventing them from getting polluted in the first place.

Vacuum regularly

If your air gets dusty, your air ducts will get dusty. You can prevent this by having a regular vacuuming schedule and eliminating grime in your home. The fewer dust particles or lint in your air, the less often you will need vent cleaning services.

Make sure you use HEPA-strength vacuums when doing this. A lower-strength vacuum can increase the dust in your Irving home while you run it, while a HEPA vacuum will be better at sucking up dust.

Get a high-efficiency air filter

The air filter you use for your heating and cooling system should be the highest efficiency you can get. These filters block out contaminants blowing into or coming from your air ducts, so they’re obviously vital when trying to prevent duct contamination. Check what strength you currently have and upgrade them if necessary.

Change filters regularly

Even if you have good filters now, you need to have them replaced eventually. They get clogged with the stuff you’re trying to keep out of your air ducts over time. This makes them stop filtering effectively.

A good rule of thumb is to replace them once every three months, but if they get clogged regularly, you should go for once every month instead.

Repair leaks

Any leaks in your air ducts should be taken care of as soon as possible. One small leak can quickly lead to moisture inside the entire duct system. Never have damp air ducts because they can cause mold problems that proliferate through your home. Get leaks taken care of immediately.

Check condensate pans

If your condensate pans don’t drain properly, this can lead to some problems. You shouldn’t have that much standing water in your air duct system. If you notice that they aren’t draining properly, call an Irving vent cleaner or try to take care of it yourself.

If necessary, seal off the supply and return registers

You might get into a scenario where your house will be filled with unusually high dust levels. This includes events like construction and other heavy work. In those cases, ensure you seal off your supply and return registers. If you don’t, your ductwork will become filled with dust and other debris that may begin to circulate around your Irving home.

Insulate your ducts

Without proper duct insulation, your ducts may build up too much moisture. Condensation can start to build if the temperature isn’t properly regulated, so have any uninsulated part of your ducts in non-air-conditioned rooms insulated if there are any gaps.

Call a professional cleaner

Use air duct cleaning from a professional service before problems arise. There are likely already contaminants present inside your air ducts, so call a Irving air duct cleaning service today and let a cleaning expert clear out the contaminants present.

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