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Air Duct Cleaning Checklist For Allergies

Posted on November 18, 2022

Nobody likes dealing with allergies. The constant sneezing and sinus blockage are enough to drive you crazy. Anybody who suffers from bad allergies knows it can be debilitating and that’s not an exaggeration. Allergies cause several problems from irritation to brain fog. The Duct Expert in Irving can provide some allergy relief!

Every home, office, or commercial facility has an HVAC system that distributes air throughout the building, and that air is transferred via air ducts. A lot of people forget about maintaining them because these are small, hidden corridors. The Duct Experts has you covered with superb air duct cleaning in Irving. 

You deserve some reprieve during peak allergy seasons, so follow our well-crafted checklist that includes air duct cleaning services in Irving. 

1. Inspect Furnace & AC Unit

The source of the air pumping through your HVAC system starts with the furnace and AC unit, depending on the time of year. Obviously, the furnace will be your main source of heat during the winter while the AC unit operates in the summer. It’s important to check and make sure all the wires are connected properly.

Clogged coils or damaged hardware inside the machines could cause problems and interfere with the air quality. Too much dust and debris inside the furnace and AC unit is terrible for your allergies. The Duct Experts takes care of these issues with our Irving air duct cleaning service to give your home cleaner air to breathe. 

2. Check Thermostat

Having a smooth-running thermostat for temperature adjustment is a major advantage when combating allergies. The AC unit and furnace are controlled by the thermostat, making it a crucial component of your home. Checking to see if the thermostat is working together with your HVAC unit to set the temperature inside your home is very important.

The best way to ensure the thermostat is in working condition will be to either raise or reduce the temperature. If it doesn’t relay the message, you may need to replace or repair the thermostat. Always having charged batteries in your thermostat is another thing to keep up with.

3. Replace Air Filters

The air that gets carried through your air ducts cycles through a filter. Over time, those filters gather an overwhelming amount of dust and dirt and need to be replaced. The Duct Expert’s air duct cleaning Irving includes air filter replacement with every service. Our technicians double-check air is flowing correctly through your vents with the new filter and then you’re all set!  

4. Schedule Air Duct Cleaning in Irving

Air duct cleaning in Irving offers an all-inclusive suite of services designed for improving the air quality inside your home.  With a functioning HVAC system in place, you can fight against allergies and create a healthier living environment. The Duct Experts truly cares about the well-being of everyone within the Irving community, so call us today!

We believe this Irving air duct cleaning checklist can provide some relief to anybody who suffers from bad allergies. By executing proven techniques and using the right equipment, air duct cleaning in Irving can deliver positive results. The less time you have to deal with sneezing and blowing your nose, the more time you can spend on things that matter!

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